A Colorful Way to Learn

Why choose Learn & Color Books?

At Learn & Color Books, we want our coloring books not only to provide relaxation and stress relief, but also mental stimulation and a great learning experience.

Adult Books for Relaxation
Our adult coloring books are rated G and are intended to help relax you. These books do not contain the learning aspect that our other books contain.

Adult Books for Hobbies
Our hobbies coloring books are great for increasing your knowledge around a hobby or topic such as medicinal herbs, freshwater fish, tree identification, etc.

Adult/Youth Books for Learning
Our learning coloring books are great for increasing your knowledge about educational topics such as historical figures, historical events, geography, etc.

Current and Upcoming Series

Stained Glass

Our Stained Glass Series is a fun set of adult coloring books with varying difficulty in every themed book.

Nature Series

Our Nature Series is for any hobbyist who wants to learn more about their interest – with fun memorable images!

Historical Events

Events that changed the course of history, both positively and negatively … coming late 2019

  • Retired People Have Brains

    ” When I got the book for my mother in the nursing home, I thought she would enjoy coloring. And she did! But she also learned a lot about gardening along the way. “

    Rachel Jackson
  • Fun and Relaxing Adult Coloring Done Right

    ” I love the Flowers Volume 1 book! The details allow me to color it exactly as I want to. “

    Jessie Richwine
  • Beta Tested the Herb Book

    ” I thought a coloring book on herbs could be rather boring – aren’t all herbs pretty much green? But I learned so much from the book that I never knew! And now I can identify the herbs when I see them. “

    Joseph Walter