Color Thru History™ – The People of Early Civilization

Learn & Color Books is offering a printable PDF of our educational coloring books for Middle/High School and our Elementary Supplement. From Creation to Esther, they can be used as a stand-alone history curriculum or as an addition to what you are already doing.

Sample spread from the main book

Sample page from the elementary book

What’s Inside?

The 30 most important people from Early Civilization – Adam to Esther

With an overview of each person’s life, related images and maps, and a timeline chart so you know how they fit historically, this Middle/High School level book can help you not only learn about each person, but also how they relate to others of their time. Each figure has a corresponding coloring image that is complex enough for Middle/High School students. Coloring this image helps them retain what they have learned about the person.

The Elementary Supplement book contains simpler coloring pages for each of the 30 people covered in the main book.

“I used to teach 7th grade world history… these would have been awesome! Thank you for being brilliant.”
    Patti Bowden

These books are the first in a series of 7 books which cover from Creation to 2020. No matter what you are currently studying in history, we have a book that covers that time period.

Who is this for?

Perfect for homeschool families, tutorials, co-ops, and school students needing to learn history and be able to retain key information on the main figures.

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These books are available in print at your favorite bookseller (online and offline). The printed editions are on high quality paper with nothing printed on the back so that the student could use watercolor paint, gel pens, markers, crayons, or whatever medium they would prefer.

The digital files you are about to download have the blank pages (the backs of the coloring pages) removed from the files. Simply print them one sided and you should be fine.

Also, keep in mind that these files are for your own family’s use only. Please do not share these files with others or print out additional copies for them or for a co-op. Refer others to our website to purchase their own copies (we do have group discounts). Thank you for respecting all the hours of work we have put into these books.

Color Thru History™ – The People of Early Civilization PDF

Color Thru History™ – The People of Early Civilization Elementary Supplement PDF

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